Wine or Workout? From

Some  you may wonder why you're not losing weight or that tummy that you want to get rid of...but what is your alcohol intake like?

Here's a great article from that speaks to this very topic:

5 Ways Alcohol Hinders Fat Loss! ByDavid Robson Last updated:Mar 27, 2015 Many people enjoy alcohol's sedating influence and use it as part of our society's traditions. Here I've put together details about alcohol and will explain main concerns, how it is processed, what they contain, and more... Get the facts! "ALCOHOL SUPPLIES WHAT NUTRITIONISTS OFTEN REFER TO AS EMPTY CALORIES: CALORIES WITHOUT NUTRITION." Alcohol use - as a well-established part of human culture - is something that has become almost as acceptable as eating and breathing. As a social facilitator and feel good drug of choice for many, alcohol is very popular indeed, with consumption at mass levels. However, alcohols well-documented delet…

Ellie Goulding and Macro Bars- yum!

I just got a box of Macro Bars in the mail with some Ellie Goulding vouchers inserted in them- you can win a workout with Ellie and her trainer! That would be so amazing; she's in super shape and it would be so cool to see what exercises she does to get that way.

Not only do you get the workout, it's an all-expense paid trip to Los Angeles for a one-on-one workout with Ellie + her trainer: day to enter is August 31st).
Like I said, I have a box of Macro Bars which are around $4/bar here in Canada. They're organic and vegan but still pack some flavorful punch!

I would love to send you some bars with the coupon codes to enter for the free training session with Ellie Goulding.

Please leave below a comment on your favorite workout move, for example Burpee Push Ups! and let me know why it's your favorite exercise, as well as a link or photo of you doing the exercise. I hope to see some fun and interesting exercises.
I will pick a winne…

Getting Certified in Nutrition

Have you ever thought about learning more about nutrition?

There are plenty of courses out there, and as I was searching I found this one which looks very thorough.

There are so many nutrition courses out there it's hard to know which one is the best. Obviously unless you become a registered dietitian or nutritionist, you can't give the same kind of nutrition advice, but it's good to have some background to give out helpful tips and ideas on eating well to your clients.

Even if it's just for yourself, you may be interested in taking a nutrition course.

This company offers some free CEC's for fitness professionals that I've used before- some are webinars and others you read online. Great idea!

Of course you can read online articles about nutrition, but so many things contradict each other it's hard to know what's legitimate sometimes.

All the best on your nutrition journey!